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Supporting Spiritual Children

Reading for Children and Tweens – Tarot Tuesday

My experience is that when a child is sitting across the table, they are likely deeply connected to spirit and having challenges managing the energy. For the child, encounters with spirit may resemble a nightmare rather than a normal experience and so a compassionate and trusting parent has brought her son or daughter to the reading seeking help. The young face across the table is an old soul; the eyes are deep, the mind is sharp and the heart is overwhelmed. Breathe. Teach the querent how to breathe. A simple grounding guided meditation may even put a young querent to sleep so watch her respiration and body position. If you do a blessing or invocation, keep it short and sweet perhaps having the child repeat it.

If you have a favourite deck for reading with younger clients, I'd love to hear! I resonate deeply with Ganesha and find the "Whispers of Lord Ganesha" by Angela Hartfield is a great oracle deck to start or wind-up with. The colours are vivid, yet soft and the messages are inspiring and uplifting. His energy works well with all young-at-hearts. For a tarot deck, I like Paulina Cassidy's "Spiritsong" - an all-animal deck full of love, light and shamanic medicine. Children tend to resonate with animals and intuitively know how to listen to their teachings. Unfortunately I did not have this deck with me at work today when an 11-year old girl and her mother arrived at the shop where I read regularly. I used "The Good Tarot" instead and found it worked well with clear and spot-on messages.

I know many readers who will not read for children. My intention is always about empowerment, bringing balance and wellness regardless if the client is 11 or 80 years old. As I had a child who was challenged with spiritual experiences from the age of five, my heart goes out to parents whose children are in a similar situation. Here are some strategies for comforting and giving your child the power to manage spirit messages at a young age:

1. Let them know that they are perfectly normal. All children have the ability to see clairvoyantly, to hear clairaudiently and feel or sense clairsentiently. Have you ever seen a baby gazing lovingly seemingly looking at nothing? Chances are great grandma Rose has come for a visit or angelic light is dancing above the baby. As each year passes, some children choose interest while others actively remain in communication with spirit. I remember listening to a five-year old girl play outside in her garden when I was home for a visit at my mother's home. She was in deep conversation with several entities who were participating in her play. She was skipping, chatting joyfully and content to be "alone". Her mother was also in earshot and it made me happy to see this regarded as normal.

2. Breathe with your child. Peace and contentment begins with breath. If your child is anxious about her spiritual experiences, this can be of great comfort. Have your child lie down. Place your hand on her tummy and ask her to fill her belly like a balloon. As she breathes in, your hand should rise and as she breathes out, your hand should move downward. This may take some practice. Have her close her eyes and ask her to feel the warm air filling her belly and feel the cozy blankets as she breathes out.

3. Find an age-appropriate book about energy. Learning about energy at a young age will help to demystify seeing auras, lights or feeling spirit's presence. Energy is energy. Heat from the sun, body sensations like "pins and needles", or feeling the wind on your face are common experiences of feeling energy. Simple science experiments like rubbing a balloon on your hair or making a tin can telephone will also expand awareness and deepen curiosity, playfulness and knowledge about energy.

4. Learn the history of the land where you live. This may be a bit of a project for you rather than your child. Land also carries energy known as an "imprint". There may have been pioneers who lived in hardship. There may be a history with native land and confrontations with explorers. Battles may have occurred. Burial grounds may have been disturbed. If your child is an empath, she will sense this energy and need to understand it.

5. Raise the frequency of your child's bedroom. Keep your child's room tidy and avoid clutter; this will allow energy to flow freely. If your child sleeps with her feet pointing south, move the bed in any other direction. Put a plant or salt lamp near her bed. Remove electronics. Buy a diffuser and educate yourself about the benefits of essential oils.

6. Read your child a guided meditation before bed. There are many wonderful books that contain a selection of guided meditations suitable for children. You can also find guided meditation scripts for children on the internet. Doing a quick search, I found that looks like an excellent free resource. If you are inspired, you may also choose to write your own guided meditation script including images and favourite places your child is familiar with.

7. Start an oracle card practice. There are oracle decks suitable for children of all ages. Decks with angels, fairies, unicorns or animals will likely be most appropriate. Depending on the age of your child and her reading ability, you will want to choose a deck that has few or no keywords on the cards. This could be part of your nightly or morning routine. Your child can shuffle the cards by spreading them out on a table then putting them back together in a pile or simply draw one from a basket. Part of the practice is to have a question in mind avoiding yes/no questions where possible. Simple questions like "What can I expect today?" or "What do I have to look forward to this week?" can be a good starting point. Most card decks come with a guidebook that will give instructions on how to use the cards.

For more ideas or insight into tarot reading with children and living with and supporting children connected to spirit, please contact me through this web site. Namaste and stay well. Sadhana

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