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Sunshine Coast, BC & Beyond


Having the family over for the weekend? Thinking of a regular class with mom, dad and the kids or perhaps including the neighbours? Sadhana can create a class or a series of classes to meet your needs. Mats and props are included. The number of participants depends on your space available indoors or out. Don't forget to include grandma and grandpa! Travel time may be extra.

Family Yoga
1 hr 15 min


Just a few minutes each day can make a shift in your life and your business. Yogic practices include stretching, strengthening and breathing - energetically resetting you physically, mentally and emotionally.

The subtle practices of yoga can be experienced in your work clothes. There is no need to break a sweat to feel significantly better. Imagine your staff doing 10 minutes of yoga a few times a week before the doors opened or a doing a short practice before weekly meetings in the conference room!

The benefits of a regular practice are innumerable, but a few are: clearer thinking, greater awareness, steadier moods, better balance, increased self-esteem and a desire to improve self-care.

What a great gift to give yourself or your staff! Consultations are complimentary. The price listed here is a starting point for conversation only.

Yoga in the Workplace
15 min


Yogawalks begin with a warm-up at a local park or beach. From there we venture out on a silent meditative walk. Instruction may be given on walking meditation with breath or chanting. Then we'll wrap up back at the starting point with some chanting and a few restorative poses.

Price is for up to 10 people. Mats and props included. Time may be adjusted to suit your group's needs. Travel time may be extra.

2 hr


Custom yoga class in your home or workplace to suit your needs. Sadhana will bring props, blankets and music. Price is for up to four people. Travel time may be extra.

Whether you are feeling intimidated about entering a studio, curious about mantra or meditation or want some help in putting together a home practice, Sadhana will create a session to meet your individual needs.

Learning to navigate a yoga practice can be quite overwhelming in a public class. The beauty of a private session is that Sadhana is there to hold space for you as you face and process, acute or chronic injury, unresolved trauma or emotion. Poses can broken down in detail, meditation techniques can be practiced with the support of a teacher and your session is your time.

Another powerful use of private sessions is to focus on and improve breath through the asana practice. As individual as one’s anatomy is, so is breathing. Becoming aware, learning new techniques and practicing one on one will take your practice to the next level.

When you book a session, you will receive a questionnaire to help Sadhana better understand your needs.

Sessions can happen in the comfort of your own home, at your workplace, outdoors or at Sadhana's home. Clients who are in hospital, hospice or other institutions will need to seek permission of the facility director before any sessions can occur.

Private Yoga
1 hr 15 min


I will be happy to answer and have a range of ways you can get in touch

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