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Tarot Party!

Yoga Classes in Gibsons, BC - Integrative Healing with Sadhana

Surprise your guests with a tarot reader at your next party!

Hallowe'en | Samhain

Add a very special twist to your Hallowe'en Party by setting up a tarot table. Whether this is done in full view (and earshot) of the whole party, positioned in a private room or the reader is circulating among guests, it is sure to have your guests talking for weeks! For Hallowe'en Sadhana has plenty of Witchy and Hallowe'en-themed cards that will add a special flavour to the night!

New Year's Eve

As the current year comes to a close, it is a perfect time for Year Ahead Readings and to catch a glimpse at shifts in energy. If you have a houseful of guests and are not sure what everyone will do until the clock strikes twelve, why not give them the gift of a reading for the New Year? Individuals or couples can meet with Sadhana in a quiet corner or private room for a personal and meaningful touch to your end-of-year celebration.

Weekend Getaway Planning a weekend away with the guys? girls? Why not add some time for self-reflection or inquiry? Sadhana also teaches tarot and how to use oracle cards - a mini-workshop might suit your group better. Gift each of your friends a deck of cards, then spend a few hours getting to know how to use them!

Group Readings or Team Building When groups assemble, spirit has a magical way of finding what needs to heal or shift. If your group is challenged with a particular issue, using a reader to help shine light where you may not be looking can add an insightful breath of fresh air. Instead of bringing in a mediator, bring in a reader!

What to Expect Sadhana will meet with the event coordinator several weeks in advance of the event to gage expectations, the number of readings required, the style of readings and the number of readers required. Together you will plan the set-up, timings and budget. At your organizational meeting, Sadhana will give a complimentary mini-reading to the event coordinator or team.

Decor, Special Orders

If you require theme decor, costumes, crystal balls, party favours or workshop manuals, Sadhana and her creative team can transform your party into a magical, mystical experience. Let us know how we can help!

For more information about booking Sadhana for your next event, please leave a comment below or complete her contact form. Pricing and booking information can also be found here.


Integrative Healing with Sadhana offers instruction and guidance as a full healing package or you can choose individual practices such as Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Space Clearing or Intuitive Readings in Gibsons BC. ​Either way, you will be met exactly where you are at and together, we will adapt practices to fit your individual needs improving your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.


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