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Reiki on The Sunshine Coast of British Columbia & Anywhere in the World 


PLEASE CONTACT SADHANA BEFORE BOOKING YOUR APPOINTMENT. Please include your time zone, requested date, time and length of session.  Sadhana will get back to you, usually within 24 hours with her availability.

(Please know that I have a handwritten appointment book as well, so it's important that we connect before you book and pay for your session.)


Reiki is a gentle laying on of hands either on or over the body, which moves life force energy where it is needed in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. It is a wonderful supplement to other modalities of healing or on its own. It is a blissful experience that promotes every aspect of wellness. 

Reiki is a well-known modality for aiding in stress reduction and relaxation returning the body to its natural state of balance physically improving sleep, relief from pain and activating the immune system. Mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually, reiki will enhance clarity, balance emotional stress and bring a sense of inner peace. 

Join Sadhana for a session in the ambiance of her home studio, which will include time to chat, set an intention and move towards relaxation, your reiki treatment and time for integration.

Life force energy or prana may be amplified or aided by the use of crystals, mantra or essential oils. Please let Sadhana know if you are interested or curious in any of these modalities. As well, your personalized session may be integrated with yoga nidra, restorative yoga or an intuitive reading. 

You choose your medicine and length of session. 45 min $85 | 60 min $99 | 75 min $120 | 90 min $145 | 2 hours $185

For clients who need to book daily or frequent sessions, Sadhana offers generous discounts. Book of 10 - 75 min sessions for $960 valid for one year. Non-transferable.


If you or a loved one is unable to attend a session in person, consider receiving your treatment from afar. The same care, level of focus and intention is placed on a distance healing. Sadhana will chat with you about the circumstances of the person receiving the treatment and give you instructions before the session and feedback following. 


Sadhana works with palliative care patients, their caregivers and families individually or as a group. To receive reiki during this time brings peace, clarity, connection as well as reducing pain and improving end-of-life respiratory distress.


Imagine your group, organization or family gathering to release a common trauma. The experience begins with a group chat where Sadhana will explain how the session will work and those parties who would like to share are welcome to do so. Then the participants sit or lie down supported with pillows and blankets. A guided meditation will bring you into relaxation and support your intention. Then Sadhana will channel reiki for a pre-determined length of time. Following the reiki, the group will be given ample time for integration.

Distance Reiki
30 min
75 Minute Session
1 hr 15 min
90 Minute Session
1 hr 30 min
45 Minute Session
45 min
60 Minute Session
1 hr


I will be happy to answer and have a range of ways you can get in touch

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