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YOGA CLASSES now offered live on Zoom or in pre-recorded series

​Yoga with Sadhana is now being offered on-line Tuesdays at 7pm & Thursdays at 10am.

LIVE classes provide an opportunity to chat with Sadhana during each session. PRE-RECORDED series are also available.

USUI HOLY FIRE® III REIKI LEVEL I offered LIVE on ZOOM October 31 & November 1, 2020.

Learn the art of hands-on healing in this special on-line two day offering with Sadhana. This training is open to all ages and families are encouraged to register in pairs. For more information refer to Reiki Training.

TAROT CLASSES on-going both live on Zoom and coming soon as pre-recordings.

Class descriptions are being updated regularly in the SHOP.


Journey through the Chakras is an on-line course that will dive deep into your own personal journey as well as give you a solid grounding in working with others who are seeking a different lens through which to view their healing. Join Sadhana for 7 Saturdays March through September 2020 for a live seminar with other like-minded souls. The course includes: 7 live seminars (7 x 5 hours), 7 live follow-up sessions (at least 7 hours), course materials, and yoga nidra recordings. For more details go to Sadhana's blog.

Live Seminars Saturdays 10:00 am - 4:30 pm PST March 21 - September 26, 2020 will be recorded and may be watched/reviewed at a later time/date if you are unable to make the live event.

Space is limited, so register today! Investment: $500 (Full Course)

Introduction only, Ajña (Third-Eye) Chakra only, or to pay month to month $100 per session.

You may take any number of components from the beginning in succession. Unfortunately, you may not join the course part way through.

Journey through the Chakras
Started Mar 21, 2020
Intro to Journey through the Chakras
Started Mar 21, 2020
Journey through the Ajña Chakra
Started Apr 18, 2020
Journey through the Chakras BALANCE
Started Apr 18, 2020


I will be happy to answer and have a range of ways you can get in touch

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