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My journey has wound its way through many disciplines. Whether it was yoga, reiki, working with crystals, mediumship, shamanism or tarot, I truly felt called and deeply connected.


Each teacher I met along the way is a part of who I am today and what I love to share. This calling hasn’t been easy. It has taken fearsome courage to walk my path. I am grateful to every mystic, swami and light worker who taught me how to tune into the frequencies of the universe.

When you book a session with me, you will receive something heartfelt and genuine. I believe there is a path to wellness and contentment for each of us. That path however will take turns, there will be obstacles, sometimes it will downpour and other days it will be glorious. One of my roles as an energy worker is to show you how to become less reactive, so you may navigate the journey with ease and joy. I will strive to meet you where you are at and then take you further as you are ready.

Integrative Healing | Yoga Classes | Reiki | Mindfulness - Gibsons BC
Integrative Healing | Yoga Classes | Reiki | Mindfulness - Gibsons BC

I learned long ago that we truly are part of a great cosmic web and that our actions, whether they be thoughts, words or deeds, affect the universe according to their intention no matter how subtle. So any step that you take to move toward personal wellness, will affect those around you in ways you never imagined.

It’s never just about you; that’s just the ego always wanting to be heard. 

If you are looking for the nitty gritty, I am an experienced registered yoga instructor with up-to-date first aid and cpr certification. I have completed Holy Fire III | Usui Reiki Master Training and Jikiden Shoden & Okuden levels. I am a mystic, psychic and intuitive card reader and certified holistic practitioner. My spiritual roots in India are in the Satyananda lineage; my guru is Swami Satyasangananda (Rikhia, Deoghar) who initiated me as a Jignasu Sannyasi. I have also studied shamanism and mediumship.

Certifications, designations, registrations or a resume can be provided upon request.


I will be happy to answer and have a range of ways you can get in touch

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