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Medicine Wheel Sacred Connections

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

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Welcome Spirit into your day with this sacred reading by Sadhana. In this post Sadhana will discuss the layout of the spread, the interactions, the lessons from card positions and how she integrates sacred teachings and practices into her Medicine Wheel reading.

Preparation: Clear and shuffle the Vision Quest Tarot and the Mystical Shaman Oracle or other suitable decks. Prepare sacred objects to represent each of the elements and support the intention of the reading. Open the directions by calling in the energy of the South, West, North, East, Pachamama and the Celestial Bodies and Beings. If you are unfamiliar with this Shamanic practice, here is a beautiful example of opening sacred space: Call in the directions. If you celebrate or honour other traditions, open sacred space in your own authentic way.


1. Shuffle the tarot deck and before you cut the deck place the bottom card to the side. This will be the Shadow card #12. 2. After cutting the cards or performing your usual ritual, place the centre tarot card #1 (Main Theme) in the middle of the table.

3. For the Directions, from the oracle deck, place cards to the South #2 (below the central card), West #3 (left of central card) North #4 (above central card) and East #5 (right of the central card). * 4. The remainder of the cards will be from the tarot deck. For the elements begin with Earth #6 in the bottom right corner to the right of the South oracle card. Then place Water #7 left of the South card in the bottom left corner. Fire #8 goes in the top left, left of the North card and Air #9 goes right of the North card in the top right corner. Lay Ether #10 above the North card at the top of the central column. 5. Place the next card #11 to the right of the East card. This card will reflect potential/future action/moving forward. 6. And finally place the Shadow card #12 to the left of the West card.

* If I am doing a five card reading that is central theme plus one card for each of the Directions, I place the cards according to the compass app on my phone. However in this reading, there are interactions among positions that benefit from placing the cards as described above.

Reading the Cards

As I shuffled the cards, I thought about students of the tarot, aspiring shamans, friends and yogis alike whose daily practices are committed to deepening their connection with spirit. I walk this path with all of you, so this reading is for us - Purnamadah!

CENTRAL THEME (Ace of Fire): You have been reigniting or amping up your practice and it shows! Spirit recognizes your commitment and is working with you through this important time. Look at the left-facing right triangle of Fire: Ace of Fire, Eight of Fire Insight (Ether), Mother of Fire and Four of Fire Completion (Shadow). Forge ahead sweet one as the energy within is burning brightly now and you are unstoppable. Your ability to create, expand and be one with Fire is optimal at this time.

SOUTH (The Hunter): The work of the South is shedding the past and detaching from wounds and personal stories. The Hunter does not rely on others for his survival. He works with Spirit to track and claim his bounty. Have a good look at your journey. Are you relying on others to find your way? The Hunter asks you to shed your perceived need to be less than fiercely independent. Look to the stories that are keeping you from stepping out on your own. It is time to finally cut the cords of those tired tales that no longer serve you (and everyone is VERY tired of hearing).

WEST (The Smoky Mirror): The work of the West looks to facing fears and family shadows and understanding the cycle of life, death and rebirth. Hiding behind The Smoky Mirror will not help you move forward and track your fears, look them straight in the eye and greet them. This wide, interconnected world in which we live requires us to see beyond the smoke and veils and see the essence of the soul journey, live and experience fully the karmic ruts we have carved so that we may begin to release them. Pick one fear or one bit of family karma that you have been avoiding and face it head on. Please let me know if you need help - this can be a challenging Direction.

NORTH (Beauty Way): Moving to the North, some of the tasks here are to receive ancestral knowledge, manifest the impossible and commit to spirit. Each of the Directions is also represented by a Spirit Animal. To the North, it is Hummingbird who awakens you to the beauty of the present moment. When, in the present moment, you choose to see anything other than Beauty, you deny both commitment to Spirit and the harmonious life you are creating. To walk and be in Beauty, to live in Grace, you must acknowledge how far you have come sweet one. The beautiful lotus on this card journeyed from a seed, through the mud to bloom with the support of the energy of the sun. To connect with Spirit, stop more frequently and be with Beauty.

EAST (Water): In the final direction you are asked to embrace the archetype Eagle, to spread your wings and see your life from a new perspective, where your destiny or soul's purpose will be revealed. With Water as your card, you will need to keep an eagle's eye on your e-motions (energy in motion). Allow your e-motion to wash through you purifying and releasing so that you may see more clearly and from a wider view. There is a major shift happening for you now. Do not resist the flow; move with it.

On either side of the SOUTH, you have a challenging AIR card. Ten of Air Negative Thinking is in the position of EARTH and Nine of Air Hurt is in the position of WATER. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. Naturally, self-doubt and self-denial will arise. Fortunately, you are very close to a breakthrough where you will release these negative patterns and step into a place of trust. With Negative Thinking in the position of EARTH, reflect upon unresolved issues to do with your tribe. To rise above, to have clear insight, the root chakra and all your patterns with family must come into balance (reinforcing the message of the EAST).

With Hurt in the position of WATER, this is a not so subtle message to let go. Stop holding on, these negative emotions are not yours to carry. Forgive yourself, forgive everyone that ever hurt you. You cannot move further on your spiritual path until this is released. How you are to do this and how significant this is is shown by the cards in positions 9, 5 and 11. The opposite and mirroring message is XVIII The Moon, a MAJOR card, in the position of AIR that sits alongside BEAUTY WAY. Allow your emotions to flow. This interaction with BEAUTY WAY/The Moon/WATER is pleading you to acknowledge and offer up the unprocessed grief held in your heart space. In preparation for the next full moon write all this down; write until your hand aches, so that you can offer it up to the Moon in ceremony.

Look at #12 your shadow card. Is there some reluctance to complete this process? Are you afraid of what may happen if you let go of all this baggage you are carrying? The SHADOW card Four of Fire Completion is an invitation to offer and release your writings in a fire ceremony under the loving energy of the full moon.

As this post was intended to demonstrate how I work with this layout and how powerful the interactions among the DIRECTIONS and ELEMENTS are, I believe I have done what I set out to do. Spirit dealt us a kick-ass reading here to look at and reflect upon. There are still several cards and card interactions I have not mentioned. If this reading is resonating with you, please read on; otherwise, please let me know what your feedback is in the comments below.

With the Ace of Fire in the central position and Mother of Fire sitting in the element of FIRE, this is a time of action (rather than reflection). As you are allowing your unresolved emotions and experiences to float to the surface, besides preparing your pages for the fire ceremony, it is likely you will need to burn off some steam: go for long walks, plant a tree or climb a mountain. Maintain your balance with a paddle or a swim in a lake, river or the ocean. Watch your digestion. With fire in FIRE, you will want to bring balance with cooling foods and sipping warm water. And give yourself a pat on the back, your inner light is shining brightly. Others will look to you for guidance. Remain humble.

Eight of Fire Insight in the element of ETHER confirms your psychic and intuitive abilities are strong. As you do the work of releasing and forgiving, everything will become clear. Ether is the element of the third-eye chakra. Everything is moving toward a unified purpose.

The final card #12 reflects your Divine Potential to work as a healer. With WATER to its left and Moon forming a triangle, you are being called to cultivate the natural powers of your Divine Feminine aspect. This trine of water may be a LOT to bear, so take it slowly and find your balance daily. If you do not already have a mentor, be open to receiving one. She will present herself when you are ready.

For more details about Medicine Wheel readings or aspects of this reading, please use my contact form or leave a comment below.

Stay well and namaste, Sadhana


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