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Intensive Reiki Level I with Sadhana

Yoga Classes in Gibsons, BC - Integrative Healing with Sadhana


Please contact Sadhana with your preferred dates - two full days required.

Why two full days for Reiki Level I?

This is an opportunity to experience reiki at many levels. It is as important to receive reiki as it is to practice channeling reiki, so you will have the opportunity to receive and practice reiki each day. To integrate the experience of reiki, Sadhana has designed a program that will appeal to all kinds of learners. In addition to the classroom style seminars, there will be journaling|drawing|painting, meditation, yoga and plenty of time for tea.

What if I already have Reiki Level I?

No matter how many times you have taken Reiki Level I or II, this will be a tremendous opportunity to look at many of the teachings from a fresh perspective and to move deeper into your own self-healing.

What is the schedule going to look like?

For Sadhana to share everything that she has planned, it will be an intensive two days! Here's a draft schedule:

8:30 Doors Open

Meet and greet, put your lunch away, settle in, tea . . .

9:00 Placement (Attunement)

Following the placement there will be time to journal.

9:45 The Five Reiki Principles | Practice and Reflection

10:15 Drawing | Calligraphy | Painting

This is a time to look at the symbols at a deeper level and to integrate their meaning.

11:00 Seminar: History & Hand Positions

11:45 Holy Fire Healing Experience

12:30 Lunch

1:45 Seminar: Scanning & Chakras

2:45 Break | Set up massage tables

3:00 Group Practice

4:30 Restorative Yoga & Self-Reiki

5:30 Closing Circle

What is Included?

Course manual, journal, Reiki Level I certificate, pendulum, snacks, tea, discounted treatment or mini-workshop with Sadhana coupon.

What's not included in the fee:

Accommodation, transportation, meals.

Anything else?

Sadhana is planning to offer a fire ceremony on Friday or Saturday night or both. This will be an optional activity at no additional cost and will be held on the beach in front of Chaster House. The intention for the fire ceremony will be healing for both the participants and community at large.

Transportation Concerns?

The seminar will end promptly at 5:30 pm on Sunday. For those participants returning to the mainland, there is a ferry at 6:45 pm. It is recommended that you make a reservation as the ferry is general full on Sunday nights. The next ferry is at 8:15 pm, which would allow for a leisurely dinner in Gibsons before you leave.

What kind of reiki training does Sadhana have?

Sadhana has trained with three different reiki masters in very different situations. Her curiosity, tenacity and connection with all things energetic and intention to connect with the source of reiki, lead her from one master to the next. She has trained in both Western and Japanese reiki. Sadhana most recently trained with Tadao Yamaguchi, Jikiden Reiki, who is the son of Chiyoko Yamaguchi, a student of Chujiro Hayashi. The course was taught in Japanese* (with an interpreter) and relayed many anecdotes of Chiyoko's 60+ years of reiki, which benefitted Sadhana's understanding of reiki immensely. As part of your manual, you will receive information on the various lineages and where Sadhana's training fits into the web.

* Sadhana lived in Japan for three years in the 1980's. She worked, travelled extensively and explored her deep connection with the Japanese people. During that time she studied the language and culture passionately. After returning to Canada, she took Japanese language courses at the University of British Columbia and began a Master's degree in Language Education. About twenty years later Sadhana connected with the energy of reiki and found her way back to Japan and its culture.


Integrative Healing with Sadhana offers instruction and guidance as a full healing package or you can choose individual practices such as Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Space Clearing or Intuitive Readings in Gibsons BC. ​Either way, you will be met exactly where you are at and together, we will adapt practices to fit your individual needs improving your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.


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