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10 Reasons to Try Reiki

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Reiki in a Nutshell

Reiki practitioners have been attuned to life force energy by a reiki master. In a meditative state, the reiki master guides her students into a receptive state where they experience a shift in frequency and become more receptive to reiki. Over the course of several trainings, reiki practitioners receive many attunements. Each subsequent attunement, enhances the strength of the flow of energy. With practice and guided techniques, practitioners are able to channel energy to assist in healing, relaxation and wellness.

Reiki is a Japanese word that means "universal life force energy". Most teachers and schools can trace their lineage back to Mikao Usui (1865 - 1926). It is a cross-cultural practice that promotes, harmony, ethical living and spiritual balance. The more one practices, the easier and more powerfully the reiki is channeled and experienced. The more the teacher or practitioner is able to step out of the way and allow the reiki to flow, the greater the effect of the reiki. The energy does not come from the reiki practitioner, but through her. The energy may be directed by laying on of hands, beaming, gazing or other methods.

A reiki session is usually given on a massage table. The client is fully clothed and generally lies face up. Different practitioners may enhance the experience with props, blankets, music, essential oils or crystals. Whether you have a specific concern or are coming to the session for general wellness, the practitioner will likely give reiki to many parts of your physical body as where pain is felt, is not always the root of the problem. During the session, you may feel heat, tingling or coolness. You may stay awake and aware throughout the session or you may fall asleep. Emotions or memories may arise or you may feel nothing. The healing often occurs at a subconscious level. Here are just a few of the reasons why you may want to book a session:

Why You Should Try Reiki


There is no "doing" in a reiki session. You lie on the table in a comfortable position and receive the reiki energy. As the practitioner moves from position to position, you become more deeply relaxed. As you relax, so does your sympathetic nervous system and your adrenal glands. Nowhere to go, nothing to do. Just allow and trust. Whether your stress manifests as heartburn, eczema, headaches or an inability to be still, the reiki will gently nudge its way to where it is needed most creating a sense of peace and calmness. The greater the level of stress and the newer you are to reiki, the greater the chance that you will check out and fall asleep. However, the more reiki sessions you receive, the more you will enjoy remaining aware and experiencing the feeling of the reiki and its effects.


Insomnia or disturbed sleep may be a result of eating too close to bed time, alcohol, stress, worry, poor breathing or any number of illnesses. As the reiki practitioner scans your energetic body for disturbances, she will pause, laying hands on for a longer time where it is most needed. So, if your digestive system is not functioning optimally, you will receive more reiki in that general area of your body. If your headaches are caused by shoulder immobility, you will receive more reiki to the neck and shoulders. If you are worried about something, the reiki will work at a subconscious level to help heal the root of your emotional or mental pain. Even after one session, many people feel the effects of reiki and can't wait to come back! Heal the disturbance, sleep better!


There are several ways to work directly with the brain and nervous system with reiki. If you have been having trouble meditating or focusing in general, reiki might be just the thing you need. All treatments include laying of hands around the head, but to specifically work with stilling the mind, the whole treatment may be spent with a few hand positions around the head and neck. If you are not comfortable with having your head or face touched, the practitioner can leave her hands a few inches above your face or use a cloth to separate her hands from your face. It is important to communicate your preferences.


Part of the practitioner's job is to slow you down before beginning the treatment. She may offer a brief meditation or a few stretches. My experience with receiving reiki is that when hands are hovering over or are on my ribs or belly, I am very conscious of my breath and either intentionally try to slow it down or sometimes it's all over the place and completely irregular. For this reason, when I offer reiki, I always include a breathing exercise to help calm and regulate the client's breath. If full diaphragmatic breath is unfamiliar, this is a wonderful opportunity to learn about breathing for wellness.

5. BODY AWARENESS You may be surprised to experience pain in your calf or knee when the practitioner's hands are somewhere on your upper body. Even more than massage, reiki has a way of getting to the source of the pain rather quickly. The more sessions you have, and the more you are able to remain awake and aware, the more you will become fascinated with how body parts talk to each other. After your session, it is a good idea to spend some time journaling about your experience. Reiki is a powerful practice that will have you considering your wellness in a new light.


Working on many layers simultaneously, reiki can have some surprising results. If you are open and honest with your practitioner, there are specific techniques she can use to work with the mental and emotional bodies to heal a range of mental health issues. (If you are interested to know how reiki can heal anorexia or postpartum depression for example, you could book an educational session with your practitioner before your first treatment.) By scanning your physical body for energy blocks, the practitioner can identify physical locations in your body to spend more time giving reiki. As the reiki begins to move the blocked energy, you may feel physical or emotional sensations. If you are willing and ready to heal, the reiki will move energy helping to create a clearer and more discerning perspective.

7. INCREASE MOBILITY What is at the root of your immobility may be emotional, physical, mental or even spiritual. Yes, mobility is assisted by movement and stretching (I am a yoga teacher, too!) AND also reiki! The heat and light that flows through the practitioner radiates deeply into your muscles and connective tissue. Reiki can feel like "Tiger Balm" and it can even leave redness on the skin if the practitioner spends a long time in one position. Reiki given to the soles of the feet can also have a tremendous benefit to mobility issues as it works on many trigger points simultaneously.


One of the overlooked aspects of western reiki is that it actually heals colds, cuts, flu and burns. It is a first aid kit with no ointments, bandages or pharmaceuticals. This very practical reason for learning reiki or visiting your reiki practitioner can create a new relationship and trust in the power of self-healing. With hands lain over a cut, bruise or sprain, reiki will begin to heal from the inside out.


Whether your digestive issues are a result of stress, food intolerances or a bacterial infection, reiki is a powerful tool in bringing the digestive system back into balance. Reiki can target specific organs or focus on digestion from intake to elimination to help identify an unsuspecting culprit. Besides digestive elimination, the body has several ways to naturally eliminate toxins from the body: sweat, breath, tears, laughter, gas to name a few. Digestive elimination is critical however, to optimal health. What reiki can do for you is to improve the health of all your digestive organs. For optimal digestion, everything must be in good working order and your digestion will only be as efficient as your weakest organ.


As I mentioned, if you are able to remain awake during your reiki session, you will feel "things". You will feel physical sensations, strange connections between body parts, emotions will arise, you may have dreams or visions or any number of experiences. The reiki table is a place to "allow" wellness to happen. If you truly want to heal at all levels, you will find reiki a wonderful medium to enhance any of your existing wellness practices. The connection to something greater will be felt and your trust in the body's ability to heal itself will be affirmed.

If you are interested in connecting with me, leave a comment below or scroll through the many services I offer and let me know how I can make your day better. Stay well! Sadhana.


Integrative Healing with Sadhana offers instruction and guidance as a full healing package or you can choose individual practices such as Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Space Clearing or Intuitive Readings in Gibsons BC. ​Either way, you will be met exactly where you are at and together, we will adapt practices to fit your individual needs improving your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.


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