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Free Reiki Talks with Sadhana

Yoga Classes in Gibsons, BC - Integrative Healing with Sadhana

Sadhana is offering free "Free Reiki Talks" and guided meditations over the next three months for anyone interested in learning more about reiki or experiencing the feeling of reiki firsthand. Each of these sessions will address a different aspect of reiki. There will be a demonstration where one participant will receive reiki from Sadhana, and everyone will receive reiki during the guided meditation. It will be 75 minutes that will leave you wanting more.

The Oracle Sechelt Wed Oct 10 6pm - 7:15pm | Chaster House Gibsons Tue Oct 23, Nov 20, Dec 18 7pm - 8:15pm

What is reiki?

Reiki is channeled universal energy. During a process called "reiju" (poorly translated as attunement in English), anyone can receive a transmission that will prepare them for channeling reiki. The more "reiju" you receive, the stronger the energy you will channel. Once you have received "reiju", you will be able to transfer universal energy to others for healing. Universal energy goes by many names: chi, prana, life-force energy, vital energy, Holy Spirit . . .

Who can channel reiki?

Anyone who has received "reiju" can channel reiki. You do not have to be spiritual.

What is reiki for?

Reiki is primarily for healing physical ailments in humans and animals. During the "Free Reiki Talks", Sadhana will discuss topics such as:

* Reiki for cuts and bruises

* Reiki and chemotherapy

* Reiki for colds & flu

* Reiki for pets

* Reiki for pain management

What other topics will be discussed?

* Reiki Lifestyle

* Integrating Reiki with other Practices

* Distance Healing

* Chakras & Reiki

What if I have questions that are not covered at the "Free Reiki Talk" that I attend?

Please submit your questions to Sadhana in writing through this web site and she will either address them in a blog or at the next "Reiki Talk". Let her know which "talk" you will be attending.

Does really work? Can I attend the "Free Reiki Talks" if I am a skeptic"?

Of course, anyone can attend - even children. It is natural if you have never experienced energy healing that you would be skeptical. Sadhana is trained in several healing modalities and has a way of relating to all kinds of people. During each session, Sadhana will offer reiki to at least one participant.

Tell me about the guided reiki meditation.

Participants are welcome to remain in their chairs, lie on the floor or sit up against a wall. Sadhana will bring cushions and blankets, but if you have a favourite cushion or blanket, please bring it along. You may also want to bring a yoga mat if you wish to lie on the floor. Sadhana will play background instrumental music and guide the meditation with her voice. The talking portion is quite brief. You will be left in silence for about 15 - 20 minutes. Journaling will be suggested following the meditation.

Does reiki work with mental health or emotional issues?

Yes. The procedure for mental health, emotional issues, addiction or other non-physical concerns is a little different and likely will not be demonstrated during the "Free Reiki Talks". If however, you would like a demonstration or a shorter appointment time to talk with Sadhana about this, message her through this web site. Reiki for mental health is not recommended for children.

What kind of reiki training does Sadhana have?

Sadhana has trained with three different reiki masters in very different situations. Her curiosity, tenacity and connection with all things energetic and intention to connect with the source of reiki, lead her from one master to the next. She has trained in both Western and Japanese reiki. Sadhana most recently trained with Tadao Yamaguchi, Jikiden Reiki, who is the son of Chiyoko Yamaguchi, a student of Chujiro Hayashi. The course was taught in Japanese* (with an interpreter) and relayed many anecdotes of Chiyoko's 60+ years of reiki, which benefitted Sadhana's understanding of reiki immensely.

* Sadhana lived in Japan for three years in the 1980's. She worked, travelled extensively and explored her deep connection with the Japanese people. During that time she studied the language and culture passionately. After returning to Canada, she took Japanese language courses at the University of British Columbia and began a Master's degree in Language Education. About twenty years later Sadhana connected with the energy of reiki and found her way back to Japan and its culture.


Integrative Healing with Sadhana offers instruction and guidance as a full healing package or you can choose individual practices such as Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Space Clearing or Intuitive Readings in Gibsons BC. ​Either way, you will be met exactly where you are at and together, we will adapt practices to fit your individual needs improving your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.


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