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Mystical Shaman Oracle - Magical!

Yoga Classes in Gibsons, BC - Integrative Healing with Sadhana

I haven't connected with a deck like this for a long time! The artwork is stunning, subtle yet powerful. The card quality is excellent with a silky matte finish making them very easy to shuffle. This 64 card oracle deck of sacred symbols include nature and its elements (the moon,thunder,wind), shamanic and spiritual tools (the rattle, the medicine wheel,the tree of life), shamanic and universal stages of the journey (soul retrieval, vision quest, completion), universal and shamanic archetypes (luminous warrior, the ancient ones, wild woman) and animal cards (jaguar, serpent, hummingbird).

Three cards that speak to me:

4 Beauty Way: The card depicts an orange lotus amidst a watery garden. In the distance a dragonfly gazes at the moon. Several other orbs float above and below the lotus perhaps representing chakras. When I first glanced at this card I saw a figure sitting on a leaf in meditation before the moon. Be a witness to the beauty all around.

40 Pachamama: The beautiful Goddess of the Earth softly gazes over a forest that was recently ablaze. Her resplendent headdress is alive with with fire, animals and planets. She is a reminder to nourish our earthly bodies, to count our blessings and to care for all her creation. Listen to her, her wisdom will guide you.

56 Thunder: A stampede of buffalo charge through the mist beneath a harvest moon. This is a low vibration deep in your soul that is beginning to awaken. There is movement and change in this card and there is also comfort and protection of the herd. This stirring has been going on for some time and it is only now you are aware of the roar. Embrace this energy.

Four Card Reading:

For those familiar with the teachings of the four directions, this is a great spread. I dealt the cards S, E, N,W, which is the order of the medicine wheel as I was taught. I also checked the directions with my compass app and placed the cards accurately. The card to the south is that which we are ready to shed - either a lesson learned or something we are ready to release. The card to the west is something we need to track. This is also something to release but it may be more subconscious so more challenging to recognize. To the north, we look to the wise ones, this is our lesson. To the east, rises a new chapter or it may be a new perspective on an issue. This layout suits these cards well!

Packing, Price, Booklet:

No detail has been spared in the packaging. A high quality hinge-type box with a magnetic closure (no wrestling to get a tight-fitting lid off the box!) contains the cards and book. The cards themselves are in a box easily accessible with the pull of a ribbon. Open the heavyweight card box and you'll find the cards sitting atop another ribbon. Like I said, high quality packaging! This of course comes with a pretty fancy price tag CAN $52.00 retail at a local shop. The bound 135 page guidebook has a brief introduction and a few ideas for card readings. Each card has its own double page with a true-to-card-size black and white image and a three part description: The Essence, The Invitation, The Medicine - some more thorough than others. Definitely worth the price!

Mystical Shaman Oracle App

And yes, there is an app but it's not free. There's a one week free trial and then the price is CAN$20.99 - a pretty hefty price tag. It would have been nice if the publishers offered a coupon or a discount for the app in the box of cards. In the free week trial, you can select between a one, three or four card reading. What's missing in the free version of the app is the full description from the book. Please let me know if the full description is included in the paid version of the app.


Integrative Healing with Sadhana offers instruction and guidance as a full healing package or you can choose individual practices such as Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Space Clearing or Intuitive Readings in Gibsons BC. ​Either way, you will be met exactly where you are at and together, we will adapt practices to fit your individual needs improving your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.


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