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Journey through the Chakras

Journey through the Chakras with Sadhana

#JourneyThroughTheChakras is an on-line course that will dive deep into your own personal journey as well as give you a solid grounding in working with others who are seeking a different lens through which to view their healing. Join Sadhana for 7 Saturdays March through September 2020 for a live seminar with other like-minded souls. The course includes: 7 live seminars (7 x 5 hours), 7 live follow-up sessions (at least 7 hours), course materials, and #yoganidra recordings.

Live monthly seminars will include:

• PRACTICES for stimulating, activating and balancing chakras

• SCENARIOS for understanding over and under-stimulated chakras

• TAROT readings for specific chakras

• CRYSTALS for supporting your work with chakras

• YOGA NIDRA practice for specific chakras and issues


• FOLLOW-UP live session two weeks after each monthly seminar

The March seminar will introduce several practices and readings to begin your journey.

Saturday seminars run from 10am through 4:30pm PST

Follow-up sessions will be held one week following each seminar time TBD.


Introduction to the Chakras | March 21

Ajña Chakra | April 18

Muladhara Chakra | May 16

Swadhisthana Chakra | June 20

Manipura Chakra | July 18

Anahata Chakra | August 22

Vishuddhi Chakra | September 26

All seminars will be recorded and available for review by registrants only should you be unable to attend all or part of each live event.


Please contact Sadhana for monthly payment options for the full course.

Your Instructor:

Sadhana is an experienced yoga teacher with over 1000 hours in teacher trainings and 1000's of hours logged in teaching classes. She is a mindful, connected soul who loves to share and grow with her students. Her classes are rich with breath and mindfulness practices that make each step along the way manageable for a wide variety of students. Integrating yogic practices with other modalities is what makes the journey with Sadhana unique. She has a way of weaving practices from various modalities and lineages seamlessly together and bringing a true understanding of the universal intention among all paths. You can view more of her story here or follow her on various social media platforms including YouTube where you will learn more about her tarot journey.

Please let me know if you have any more questions about the course. Can't wait to chat with you! Until then, stay well and namaste. Sadhana

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