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Pre-recorded class sets include one 30-minute private consultation with Sadhana.


Sadhana will guide you through a series of relaxing, restorative postures to slow down the mind and open and connect with the body and spirit. Guided breath will help to take you deeper into relaxation and awareness. The entire class will take place on the floor. You are encouraged to gather yoga props, cushions and blankets before the session begins. Each class will include yoga nidra (a guided relaxing meditation) in lieu of savasana. This class is suitable for all ages, abilities and levels of experience. Adjustments can be made to accommodate any body shape, size or condition. You are encouraged to have a water bottle or tea and a journal nearby.


Series 2 includes four restorative classes accessible to most that progress both in movement and breath. There will also be an introduction to the power of intention with yoga nidra and students will have an opportunity to include personal sankalpas in the yoga nidra.


Restorative Yoga with Yoga Nidra Series 2

  • Once your payment is received, you will receive an intake questionnaire from Sadhana, along with a waiver.

    These four classes were recorded during live session in the fall of 2020. They will be made available to you as a YouTube playlist.

    If you have any questions or concerns about any of the instructions in these videos, please email Sadhana.

  • There is a strict NO REFUND policy. If, for any reason, you are unhappy with your service, Sadhana will follow-up on your issue with due diligence.

    If you wish to CANCEL your order within 24 hours of purchase, a refund will be applied to your original method of payment. Please email

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