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Master the art of reading large tarot spreads. Each spread will be introduced on a YouTube livestream followed, a few days later, by a Zoom practice, sharing and Q&A.


Each live session will begin at 12pm PDT (Vancouver).


July 5 & 7 (Rose Spread)

July 19 & 21 (Romany Spread)

Jul 26 & 28 (Tree of Life Spread)

Aug 16 & 18 (Tetractys Spread)

Aug 23 & 25 (Wheel of the Year Spread)


You will have unlimited access to the YouTube recordings. The Zoom sessions will only be shared with those students present.


The Zoom sessions may prompt a follow-up video when further instruction is requested.


Mastering Large Tarot Spreads

  • These workshops will be broadcast LIVE (privately) on YouTube. Participants who register prior to the livestream will be able to participate in the chat. If you are unable to join the livestream, the replay will be available at anytime for your review.

    The link to the YouTube playlist, Zoom link, along with any relevant documents will be emailed or shared via Google Drive.

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