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Intuitive readings are different for everyone. The focus can be on anything from releasing blocked energy and past trauma, working through a current challenge, or helping you to activate your highest potential and life work. As the name implies, the sessions are led intuitively and each session is unique and highly individual. 

Typically, during an intuitive reading there is a lot processing, releasing, and transmuting of energies in the mental, emotional, and physical energy bodies. For some, intuitive readings can feel like a “talk therapy” session. For others (especially those who are highly sensitive to energies) it can feel like having psychic surgery. It all depends on your intention and comfort level. 

Sadhana will always point you to your own intuitive powers and help you to access your own inner-knowing. A successful intuitive reading will leave you feeling empowered and more knowledgeable. It will likely confirm what you already know deep down or what you have been choosing to avoid. There are seldom surprises in these readings. 


Intuitive Tarot Reading - 60 min

  • Once your order is received, you will receive an email with options for your appointment time. If you prefer not to meet by video chat, there will be instructions for how to proceed with an email reading as well.

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