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Learning from the Pages

April 24, 2018



Learning from the Pages – Tarot Tuesday


The Pages, the youngest members of the court, are raw, youthful, optimistic, enthusiastic and in their naivety, impetuous. They represent childlike qualities that we need to embrace throughout life, much like The Sun XIX. If you've never looked at the Osho Zen Tarot, have a look at XIX in this deck. The wise one on this card has never lost touch with the beauty, comfort and wisdom of innocence. Like the Sun, the Pages have nothing to hide.


When a Page or Pages appear in a reading to me it's a sign that the universe is giving you permission to do whatever you want to do. It's time to kick off your shoes, turn off the phone and let go of adult responsibilities for a while. It is also a time to reconnect with the elements - with nature itself. Different Pages flourish in different elements and different seasons, but they all find it easier to explore their potential barefoot and outdoors - even the Page of Air (Swords) would prefer to have her hair blowing wildly in the wind than be mesmerized by an intellectual pursuit.


The Page of Earth (Pentacles) is deeply connected to the beauty of our planet. She is also one with the elementals and probably saw them as a child. She feels nourished by healthy food and prefers to make it herself. Her instagram posts are of sunsets, the wilderness or a close-up of another's eyes. She sees the divine in the simple pleasures of life and needs to find her way in the world staying connected to this experience, however this may be a challenge for her. The Page of Pentacles may get wrapped up in material pursuits and lose site of what keeps her well.


The Page of Air (Swords) as I mentioned earlier, needs to get outside with her kite and run in the wind. She will be transformed by staying connected to the air, by observing the clouds, weather and majesty of the great eagle. She will collect feathers, have an affinity for wind chimes and even angels perhaps. Unfortunately, this Page will not be outside much because she will so busy studying and working toward intellectual pursuits. The sword is a dangerous weapon in the hands of a youth. She needs to learn how to communicate clearly without causing harm.


The Page of Water (Cups) is the child who spends the whole summer in the lake - the one who'd rather be diving off the dock than floating on a mattress. She probably didn't take swimming lessons and if she did, she was a natural. Her affinity for the water, though not understood, carries throughout adulthood. The water is connected to both the emotions and the subconscious. She may wear her heart on her sleeve and be the sweetest child; there is however, a sadness about her and my suspicions are that there are deep karmic patterns she is ready to move through. She is ready to fly, but something is holding her back. She knows this work is not going to be easy. Encourage her. Be gentle with her. Love her unconditionally.


The Page of Fire (Wands) is magical. She is intuitive, creative and spiritual. As a child, she was happy playing alone and very self-sufficient - she probably preferred skipping or dancing to walking.  If ever there was a character who embodied the fullness of joy - it is this Page. The twinkle in her eye however, may have been dampened over time by grown-ups who told her to go study or to "get real". If the fire has been extinguished for many years, one of the easiest ways to reconnect is to the element itself. Surround yourself with candles, have a bonfire at the beach, find a way to light your torch and find the magic again.


Return to the Pages and have a close look at their vitality and willingness to try anything new. It may steer you in the right direction.It is likely that you see aspects of each of the Pages in yourself or perhaps you identify more with one. Each card in the tarot has positive and negative qualities and each card is a part of a universal journey we share. So when you find yourself out of balance, ask yourself how you can return to a sense of equilibrium by balancing the elements and their associated qualities. 

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